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How do we price our plans?
Why are all of our plans the same price?
Why are our house plans cheaper than other websites?

We have been in the plan drawing business for over 12 years. This has allowed us to amass a good selection of plans that we have put on the internet without modifications. Since we have such a large stock of pre-designed plans, it allows us to offer them at a very low cost on our website to our customers. Because of the very low price, there are no modifications available on our website house plans.

We do offer a reverse set of our website house plans at no additional cost. Why? The computer can provide what it calls mirror with the click of the button. Why should we charge you for something that the computer can do for us with no effort? Since the CAD program is doing the mirror all of the text will be perfectly readable and not look like you are looking in a mirror.

The reason that the plans are all the same price is that you will get from 3 to 5 pages on vellum. Since no modifications are being done, it is not any extra for us to do a 5000 Sq Ft house instead of a 1000 Sq Ft house. We offer you Vellum reproducible plans. This allows you to make as many copies as you need to build the house. You control the copies not us.

If you live in Virginia and are willing to travel to Petersburg, we will modify any plan on our website for you. We will also draw any plan that you want from scratch. The prices shown on the website however will not apply to these types of services. Overall, our prices are far less than most other companies, but any modifications or custom design is at a higher price than our website plans.

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